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Acapulco Mexico

Undoubtedly the port of Acapulco is a unique place that never is out of fashion generation after generation and continues to charm tourists with its natural beauty.

In Acapulco there is plenty to do, you can walk the beaches, streets, restaurants and entertainment for most of the year and not get bored, it is worth reminding you, that there is almost always good weather making it the perfect place for all types of activities both day and night.

Acapulco is known worldwide as a synonym for relaxation and fun. It is located in the Mexican Pacific coast in Guerrero state.

The beautiful blend of golden beaches with the mountains of the Sierra Madre rainforests, lagoons, the warmth of the people and the mysticism and tradition blend perfectly to give you a unique experience that will remember all your life.


Playa Caleta and Caletilla:one of the most traditional beaches in Acapulco for its location its fine sand and gentle waves.

Playa La Angostura: Located right where the street empties of Palms, is a small beach with moderate waves and sand medium brown color

Playa Manzanillo: Located around the Paseo del Pescador is shallow and gentle slope.

Playa La Roqueta: It is located on the island of the same name, is a short and narrow beach, the surf is variable, moderate to regular

Tlacopanocha Beach: It is located opposite the main square Juan Alvarez, the sand is lighter brown and soft waves.

Playa Tamarindo: This is located where the street empties of Captain Malaspina, is a golden sandy beach with waves and regular slope.

Hornitos Beach: Located at the eastern end Papagayo park, its also has golden sand and regularly surf beach is a very soft making it ideal for the whole family.

Playa CondesaThis in Acapulco gold, where there are several hotels and excellent restaurants, a beach is widest with regular waves.

Icacos Beach: At the foot of the naval base of the same name is the longest of the harbor with fine yellow sand and regular waves

Revolcadero Beach: It is located near the international airport road in front of the junction to Puerto Marquez. It is a beach on the open sea and so involves more risk, its waves are slightly stronger and gray sand.

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