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Bays of Huatulco

35 km of Bays

The bays of Huatulco are located on the coast of Oaxaca State in the final part of the Sierra Madre del Sur. They cover 35 kilometers of the Mexican Pacific coast between the rivers of Coyula and Copalita. Located 277 km from the capital of Oaxaca and 50 minutes from Mexico City by air, also has access routes by land and sea where warm weather allows you to enjoy 356 sunny days per year and only about 40 rainy days with a average annual temperature of 28 ° C, a temperature extreme of 18 ° C in winter and 38 ° C in late spring and summer.

Huatulco has nine bays that display their beauty forming a paradise of 36 beautiful sandy beaches, beautifully framed whiteness as shades of blue and emerald waters, warm and transparent.These beaches may be nature tourism activities like diving, sport fishing, kayaking and horseback riding and some other recreational activities, no less exciting to find this an ideal scenario.


Cacaluta Bay: This bay of singular beauty was one of the locarions of the film "Y Tu Mama Tambien," in which he is named as "Boca del cielo". In this bay is the Laguna El Zanete, which takes its name from a species of mangrove roots that grows around it, also receives each year to various migratory birds

Bahia Santa Cruz Bay is the main destination has two public squares, crafts markets, malls, offices, clubs, typical restaurants and rental watercrafts. Here you will find beautiful beaches of La Entrega, Yerbabuena and Punta Santa Cruz

Bahia Chachacual: Regarded as a natural reserve, with species such as acacia, ficus and mangle their beaches are La India and Chachacual

Bahia Chahué:It has a yacht marina, a beach club with all services, all surrounded by beautiful gardens, highlighting the beautiful park "Guelaguetza".

Bahia Conejos: Planned to be the second hotel zone, has two beautiful beaches Playa Punta and Playa Conejos.

Bahia Organ: Its beaches are 240 meters of fine sand and gentle waves, providing greater security for those who are new to water sports

Bahia Maguey: It is the ideal place to enjoy an excellent cuisine based on seafood, shaded palapas, you can do watersports or simply relax.

Bahia San Agustin: Place where one of the largest coral plates of the Pacific Ocean, perfect for diving and snorkeling

Bahia Tangolunda: Means "Pretty Woman" in Zapotec and holds great tourism 5 star hotels and , with a shopping mall and a golf course with 18 holes. In this bay you can enjoy various water sports, such as sea kayaking, Sailing, Aqua bikes, scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

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