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City of Medellin, Colombia

"City of Eternal Spring"

Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia, capital of Antioquia department, located in northwestern of the country, in the center of the Aburrá Valley in the Cordillera Central and bisected by the Medellin River. According to data from the 2005 census with a population of 2,223,078 inhabitants.

Known as the city of eternal spring where have I heard that?, Cuernavaca Morelos in México, and is true actually the weather is very nice, and for those things that happen in life, I had the opportunity to visit this city. As you Know the image of Colombia has been affected and undervalued for reasons that we all know and even by Hollywood movies. But befor I go already had heard very positive things about this country and by going there and living the culture, I did corroborated firsthand.

Colombians like us Mexicans have suffered similar problems and suffers from not only social matters but organized crime; although I have to give honor to whom honor is due, the government has done a very good job in these affairs.

I never felt unsafe, although I always visited tourist sites of the traditional Colombia with "arepa , calentao, sancocho" flavors and smell of coffee and others not so much of the modern Colombia, I was careful not to get into certain places, you know what I mean! those places that can have any major city in Mexico of the USA .

As a foreign tourist on this occasion I have had a pleasant surprise, full enjoyment, I lived Colombia, experience the warmth and friendliness of its people in this occasion "El Pueblo Paisa" as people of Medellín call them selves, I love their accent, the food, the hospitality and so many more things that you will able to find in our galleries.

Epm Library and Park of Lights.

It is one of many libraries that are in the city of Medellin with a modern building, now the interesting thing is this, is framed by a beautiful park called the Park of Lights with modern estructures. Some other libraries have been built in poor areas like "El Parque biblioteca España" that you will be able to find in our videos and galleries you have to see it!

Parque Botero.

Here I start with wow, see it yourself in our galleries, if you like art, and if not you will enjoy any way. The artist Fernando Botero from Medellin I understand, well he donate this impressive sculptures known as "the gordas" they are great I guarantee you that, also in the same area you will find the Palace of Culture "Rafael Uribe" and the Museum of Antioquia highly recommended, you can not miss this park in Medellin.

Jardin Botanico de Medellin.

The Botanical Garden is a lung of the city and is very beautiful, well kept, very clean a little place to go relax enjoy the nature and feel in the forest, see an occasional iguana or squirrel, with a lake and the famous Orquideorama which has gigantic structures built with metal and wood and in the top-shaped with hexagonal honeycomb forming a roof and at the foot of the estructure the precious orchids see it yourself in the galleries.

La Antigua Estacion del Ferrocarril de Antioquia.

Well that's a nice place with a real locomotive and a restaurant . Very centrally located near the courthouse, here you can find people from every where and therefore very close you will find an impressive monument to El Pueblo Paisa do not miss it.

Metro Cable Medellin.

Not only is a work of engineering, but a means of transport is very effective and even a tourist destination in the city. If you go to Medellin and do not get on "El Metro" and the Metro Cable is like going to San Francisco and not get into the trolley, which I think happened to me, but you have to enjoy the Metro as a secure system with a beautiful view of the city with a very affordable rate, plus let me tell you is in impeccable condition and easy "to navigate".

Monument to the Pueblo Paisa.

Well I had already mentioned before the Monument to the pueblo paisa, let me tell you is simply a wonderful piece of sculpture, with impressive dimensions, it truly lives up to the Paisas as cool as this people.

To get there ask for the administrative center of La Alpujarra, on the subway you can get easily too.

Municipal Planetarium and Park of Desires.

A nice quiet place full of culture, science and place to relax for a while if you want, sit in one of their special seats and have a gaseosa as they say over there.

Pueblito Paisa in Cerro de Nutibara.

A replica of the classic Colombian town in the Antioquia region, you will find some crafts and a little place to walk and have a good time.

National Palace "Mall in the City Center".

A beautiful building, it has an nice interior with transparent roof seems to acrylic or glass, in the center on the first floor there is a soda fountain, asks for "a Jugo de maracuya" you want to seat there you will be exhausted from wandering through the downtown streets.

Food and more ...

If you decide to go to Colombia do me a big favor, enjoy the food ! Do not go to a Mexican or chinese restaurants don´t ask for a jalapeno pepper, tortillas or hamburger our delicious national cuisine will be waiting for your return yeahhhh, ask for arepas, a good coffee, a cup of hot chocolate, look for a natural jugo de fresa or maracuya.

Colombian handicrafts are also nice, if you can, buy yourself a sombrero vueltiao, look beyond the traditional sweets, and finally it is not a secret that in Medellin is presumed you will find some of the best plastic surgery clinics in Latin America , I can really tell you about this affairs much more because was not my goal, but I can tell you that Colombian women are very beautiful, but it's say the bone paisas from Medellin and Antioquia region are the most beautiful of all Colombia.-

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