lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Mazatlan Mexico

"Pearl of the Pacific"

Mazatlan is located northwest of Mexico in Sinaloa state, is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, because the beauty of its beaches and its rich marine life.
With more than twenty kilometers of beaches you will be able to find a large number of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops with high quality services for all types of tourists.


North Beach: One of the longest beaches in the country with an extention of over 16 km, the south has moderate waves ideal for swimming the North Beach begins at the edge of the city and ends in the Golden Zone, approximately 60 km west of downtown Mazatlan.

Playa Gaviotas: The success of the hotels on this coast region speaks for itself and testifies to the beauty of the beaches of Mazatlan, the gentle waves, crystal clear sand and the great sunsets give meaning to the Golden Area .

Playa Venados:This beach surrounded by lush vegetation can be reached by boat because it is located 2 km west of Mazatlan, on the island with the same name. Its waves are great to do water sports like swimming, sailing and snorkeling.

Cerritos Beach: Is located 42 to km northwest of Mazatlan. This beach is easily accessible by local public transport. It has strong currents and is surrounded by small hills that give its name.

Camaron Sabalo: located north of Gaviotas beach and within the hotel zone, its size is 2 kilometers, through which you will find a great variety of services, especially when it comes to food.

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