lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Cozumel Mexico

Island of Peace, in the Mexican Caribbean

Cozumel is a beautiful Mexican Caribbean island located 19 km west of the coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico's largest, covering an area of 647.33 km 2, an average annual temperature of 26 ° C and a humid warm climate with abundant rains in summer, a tropical paradise.

Its only town is San Miguel de Cozumel, which has a relaxing Caribbean atmosphere and has the largest dock international cruise in Mexico, with tourists seeking peace and tranquility provided by the hotel areas like North Beach and South Zone where you will find golf courses swimming pools, spas and restaurants with the best variety of dishes based on seafood.

Around the coast of the island you can find beaches of soft white sand and turquoise sea of great beauty. The diving and snorkeling in Cozumel are worldwide categorized by divers in the top five places for diving and snorkeling in the world.The sea around the island is full of marine life, colorful reefs and hulls of Spanish galleons.

Cozumel is for those seeking the best of Mexico, friendly people, reasonable prices, great food and shopping, interesting places and cultural view, with the allure of vacationing on a Caribbean island. This combination in Cozumel Mexico makes a unique destination hard to find elsewhere.

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