lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Manzanillo Colima Mexico

Sailfish Capital

Manzanillo is known as the Sailfish Capital of the World ", as this place is making major national and international fishing tournaments, that have made this destination in one of the most attractive for lovers of the sport.

In Manzanillo you'll find modern Mediterranean and Mexican style resorts and three golf courses of international prestige, some surrounded by lakes, sea and mountains, which have all the necessary infrastructure and services to enjoy your stay.


Miramar Beach: One of the most popular of Manzanillo, its tourism infrastructure is attractive and has hotels, restaurants, rental shops and water sports equipment.
In its depths are ancient Spanish treasure ships, therefore Miramar is one of the favorite beaches of the divers.

Playa Las Brisas:It is one of the best of Manzanillo because calm waters, its gentle slope and crowded environment of palm trees. For these and other reasons has become the most exclusive hotel and residential place in bay area .

Playa La Audiencia: Because of its gentle slope and calm clear water is a good place for swimming and diving,. It also has an interesting tourist infrastructure, two viewpoints (the Queen and the Lighthouse) and many palm trees that give a great picture for the album.

Playa La Boquita: Its size is approximately 1 mile, sandy golden brown, is a beautiful beach located at the end of Santiago Bay and is one of the most popular beaches for its gentle waves and a moderate slope.

Playa Santiago: One of the best beaches in the area. Its waves are aggressive in the open sea, but calm in the vicinity of hotels and tourist recreation areas. Located in the far east of the bay, 18 kilometers from Manzanillo.

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