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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

A beautiful beach

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Mexico, is located on the Pacific coast in Guerrero state, 245 km. northwest of Acapulco on federal highway No. 200; its climate is warm with an average temperature of 28 °C.

In the surroundings covered with lush vegetation, you can practice camping, ecotourism and wildlife observation in the Palma Real Golf Club, ranked by environmentalists as a treasure house of fauna species such as alligators and eagles, as well as participate in the promotion and preservation of several species like the olive ridley turtle and hawksbill turtles

Ixtapa beaches

The beaches in Ixtapa are true tropical paradise, soft sand and calm waves, whose landscapes astonish more than a visitor.

Playa El Palmar: A luxury hotel zone is located on this beach , ideal to do water sports, semi-open bay is approximately 2 kms long, because it is considered open sea, hotels sign sea conditions using by flags

Playa Blanca: Is located 25 km south of Zihuatanejo. A Quiet beach where you'll find a colony of endangered birds and from which you can explore the lagoon "Barra de Potosi".

Long Beach: This is one of the longest beaches and tourist favorite, for its extension in Ixtapa over 2 kms. Waves are high because of the open sea., with white-yellow sand.

Linda Beach: Located just north of Ixtapa. More than 2 kms. long. Here is the dock where the boats take to visit Ixtapa Island habited by crocodiles.

Playa Quieta (Quiet Beach) : A nice place to spend the day while relaxing and enjoying its calm waves, you can also enjoy various water sports. Quiet Beach is one of the Ixtapa most visited beaches by tourists who like to maintain direct contact with nature, watching the majestic tropical scenery.

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